Our Philosophy
Respect the Honey Bee
Unfortunately, over the past 100 years, the honey industry has come to view the bee as merely an abusable commodity. The bees have been poked, prodded, treated with harsh chemicals, antibiotics, and even acids. They have been artificially enlarged, manipulated, and transported around to the point of exhaustion. It is our opinion that this is a major contributing factor to the recent decline of the honeybee.
We believe we are at a crossroads. It's time to change our attitude one hive at a time. It's time to start respecting our bees. As a result, here are some things we live by:
We don't use any antibiotics which will in the end just strengthening the very same pathogens attacking our bees.
We raise bees that are smaller in size; the way they were back in the 1800's.
We don't move our bees around for pollination. They put on enough miles on their own, thanks.
We raise bees in a more narrow sized hive which better mimics the natural inside of a hollow tree.
We don't heat or water down our honey. It's the same as if you reached your spoon inside the hive and took a taste.
We don't baby our hives. If God doesn't want them on this earth, we let Him take care of the rest.
We breed and raise local bees. Whenever possible, we catch local feral bees and add their genetics to our stock.
Because of this we believe:
Our Bees are stronger
With their smaller size, they can fly faster like a fighter jet than slower like a big bomber. They can also gather more nectar from flowers that bigger bees have trouble accessing. They get up earlier in the day and stay out longer in the evening putting on a ton of miles.
Our bees know our local environment better than bees coming from halfway across the world. They are better prepared for the nectar flow to begin.

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