Got a Swarm?
One of our favorite pastimes is rescuing beehives that are in danger or being exterminated. We remove hives from trees, barns, and even houses. We take these rescued bees and move them to a safe permanent home in one of our yards. We then take the left behind wild beeswax and clean, melt, and filter it. We use this beeswax to make all natural lip balms and ointments. The bees get to buzz another day and you get to enjoy all the benefits of wild beeswax. It's a win, win situation for all!

If you have a swarm of bees show up at your home or business, don't kill them!

Send a message to

We'll want to know:
1. How long has the swarm been there?
2. How high off the ground is the swarm?
3. How big is the swarm?
4. Are you sure they are honey bees?
5. Where are you located?

We'll take them off your hands in no time and maybe you'll get a free tube of lip balm in the process.

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